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The lovely people at Cuddledry sent me one of their cute towels to try. I must admit I was a little skeptical and wondered who would pay $59.95 for a baby towel. But now after 3 days of using it I am converted! So much so much so I am going to buy another one!

We used the cuddledry for the first time on Sunday. Anyone who has a baby knows how hard it is the juggle a towel and take your wiggling baby out of the bath! Cuddledry goes around your head and allows you to hold it hands free.

Cooper was instantly attracted to the snaps holding the neck together so it kept him still and occupied which is an added bonus! The towel is a really great length and about the size of a bath sheet. When I first unwrapped the towel it didn’t seem very thick, it was nice and soft and snuggly but I was expecting it to be a little thicker. I worried that the towel would become too wet and make baby cold. But I had nothing to worry about, the towel is super absorbant and doesn’t stay wet.

Cooper loved it! He was really snuggly and Marc walked him around for a few minutes and said Cooper felt really secure in the towel, he felt he had more grip on him!

Final Verdict

I absolutely love this towel and we have used it everyday! I give it 5 stars out of 5 stars! The highest honour!

Here are the pictures of the Cuddledry in use!

Jen xx

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"I have twins and I have 2 of your cuddledry towels - I love them!  I actually love them so much that in my role as sub-editor of the Tasmanian Multiple Birth Association newsletter, the product review for the most recent newsletter was about cuddledry!" - Josephine, TAS

"I am giving this towel as a gift to a friend as I was given one when I had my first and its Fantastic!!  My husband loves it the most i think!!"  Lisa, QLD

"I've just bought my second Cuddledry towel for our new arrival. Our little girl has had hers for two years and despite constant washing and using it is still the softest, cuddliest towel in the house. Such a gorgeous product".  Jane, NSW

"We are lucky enough to have 2 of your towels and love them!".  Anna, UK