FAQs about our products

What size is the Cuddledry apron towel?

Cuddledry apron towels are the size of an adult bath sheet, but with two full layers of supersoft snugly towelling. The length of the Cuddledry baby bath towel from neck to base is 112 cms. The width of towel is 75cm. The hood is of a generous size unlike standard baby towels so your baby won't outgrow it!

What size are your toddler towels?

Our Cuddlebugs and Cuddlemoo toddler towels are 124cm wide when laid out flat and 86cm long (21cm from top of hood to neck seam, and 65cm in length from the seam at the base of the hood). The hoods are of a generous size and double thickness unlike other child towels which have small hoods which quickly become too tiny as your toddler grows.

What age babies and toddlers are your products designed for?

The Cuddledry baby apron bath towel is designed for use with babies from birth, up to the age of about one year. This does depend slightly on how big your baby gets within that time, of course, as they vary dramatically!!! Many parents find it easiest to use the Cuddledry bathing apron in different ways as their baby grows, Starting by lifting your baby onto your chest to cuddle them dry when tiny, then as they get bigger and can sit unaided, lifting them onto your lap and wrapping the towel around them that way.

The Cuddledry toddler towels - our Cuddlebugs and Cuddlemoos are designed for use from standing/toddling age up to about three years (again of course depending on the height of the child). Saying that, we have many customers with five year olds who won't give up their Cuddlebugs or moos!

The Cuddlerobe - possibly the softest toddler bathrobe ever, is designed for use from walking age to about three years (depending on height of child). The sleeves are long enough for this and you can turn them back a little when your toddler is tiny, and then there is enough fabric for them to fit them at age 3.

Are your towels suitable for use with twins?

Absolutely! Cuddledry baby towels are very popular and we can offer you a discount if you have twins or multiples and are a TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Births Association) member (please email customercare@cuddledry.com and we will send you a promotional code). For many parents of twins bathtime is a real challenge, so using Cuddledry towels can make it much simpler. Our customers have told us they wear two Cuddledry towels, then lift and wrap the first twin, and lay them down snugly wrapped onto a changing mat, and then quickly lift and wrap the second. The Cuddledry concept makes the task of bathing twins a great deal simpler.

Are your products sourced ethically?

Cuddledry Ltd. is proud to be a member of SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, a membership organisation for businesses committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance of their supply chains. We take ethical sourcing seriously and have been through rigorous assessment in order to achieve this membership. As a result our small business sits alongside some of the leading retailers in the UK on the SEDEX membership list. We work hard to ensure the suppliers we use for all aspects of our business follow fair and caring social and environmental policies.

What is bamboo towelling?

Facts about bamboo, and hence why it is such a fantastic new thing for babies!

  • it is HIGHLY eco-friendly - grows naturally without the need for chemical pesticides or fertilisers, 100% biodegradable and naturally regenerative
  • it can grow up to a metre a day and can be harvested every three to four years
  • it is naturally antibacterial - containing an agent called 'bamboo kun' which prevents any bacteria from growing on it
  • it is naturally organic so does not irritate sensitive or allergic skin
  • bamboo holds the record as the world's fastest growing plant, growing one third faster than the fastest tree!!!
  • bamboo takes in nearly FIVE times the amount of greenhouse gases, and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees
  • it creates a fibre which is so soft it has been compared to silk or cashmere
  • the outer woody layers once stripped off are re-used for firewood or making recyled paper
  • it is arguably the world's most sustainable crop - if we support the use of bamboo for baby products and clothing we can help make a significant impact on carbon emissions
  • the species of bamboo used to make the fibre is not the one the pandas eat!

Where are your products made?

Our bamboo towelling products are made in China (where the bamboo grows!). Our organic cotton products are made in Turkey. Our manufacturers are also members of SEDEX (see above).